Inside The Birth Lounge, I teach my Secret Sauce to Pushing. Part of that formula is based on your baby's position in your pelvis! I actively advise a...View Details

  Today’s episode is all about planning for the unexpected parts of postpartum! HeHe is joined by MaMa MD, Ariana Within, to dive into how to thrive (...View Details

Everyone in the birth room has a job—your provider, your nurse, your partner, and you…but, what does your job really look like? Probably different tha...View Details

Today, HeHe is joined by Ginny Parham, a Period Coach who help women with bed bound periods turn them into kick ass periods so they can live their liv...View Details

Do you really need childbirth education classes? Wondering if you can get all the information you need for a good birth by reading books and taking a ...View Details

Did you know that 98% of all feminine care products has at least 1 toxic ingredient? That's scary! Healthy products are my jam! I’m always looking out...View Details

Its ironic because Nubain isn't a pill at all--it's an IV narcotic! Do you know your pain relief options during labor? Like, really know them? There a...View Details

Erin Erenberg is the founder of Totum Women, a platform that encourages mothers to seek wholeness by setting boundaries and prioritizing themselves. I...View Details

One of the best ways to empower yourself is to dive in head first. Go searching for various birth stories, for various birth approaches, for various p...View Details

Today on The Birth Lounge Podcast, I am joined by Rebekkah Tran, mom of twins, to share about one of her twins’ journey with Plagiocephaly! Rebekkah i...View Details

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