Let’s rewind the clock—and I means AGES— I want to talk about how we used to birth—before we moved it to hospitals. Lets go all the way back to how ph...View Details

Today is all about inductions and how to know if you are a 'good candidate' for one. HeHe is diving into a tool that the women's health field uses to ...View Details

This episode is all about your child’s physical development in the first year of life! Pediatric Physical Therapist, Kara Masse, joins HeHe on the sho...View Details

Inside The Birth Lounge, HeHe does a weekly group prenatal visit with our members! We chat about all things pregnancy, planning for birth, and prepari...View Details

Today’s guest is a dear friend of mine and a fitness expert specializing in prenatal and postnatal corrective exercise! Kayla Mehr, Founder of Your Fi...View Details

When people check in with us, it's generally done with good intention, but sometimes "checking in" can do more harm than good! There are multiple plac...View Details

Have you ever heard the term “obstetrical violence” and wondered what it meant? Or maybe you envisioned this blatant act of disrespect or an assault o...View Details

Inside The Birth Lounge, I teach my Secret Sauce to Pushing. Part of that formula is based on your baby's position in your pelvis! I actively advise a...View Details

  Today’s episode is all about planning for the unexpected parts of postpartum! HeHe is joined by MaMa MD, Ariana Within, to dive into how to thrive (...View Details

Everyone in the birth room has a job—your provider, your nurse, your partner, and you…but, what does your job really look like? Probably different tha...View Details

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