Rixa Freeze, PhD studied at the U of Iowa and is a researcher, professor, and mother of 4 children. Her current research specialization is vaginal bre...View Details

HeHe is sitting down with Lara and Sarah, co-owners of Dynamic Doulas of London. Together, they are sitting down to share and dish about the secrets t...View Details

With the return of The Birth Lounge podcast in 2022 - HeHe is SO excited to dive right into things with Dr. Jen Morgan.  Join us as Jen explains all t...View Details

Inside the halls of American hospitals, millions of people find comfort, healing, and support. But for many doctors and nurses, this couldn’t be furth...View Details

Eva is a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and is the founder of My Sleeping Baby and the Sleep Bible program.  Today HeHe and Eva cover the...View Details

 In this episode, HeHe shares what she learned at the Smilo panel and how this information can help change the way we treat pacifiers as parents and c...View Details

Kallista is married and is a mom of 3.  She is a registered nurse and finished the lactation counselor training course through The Center for Breastfe...View Details

Brianne Taggart is a mother of three, a Registered Nurse, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, childbirth educator and Certified Educator of Infant Massage.  S...View Details

Karena Skibinski, is an occupational therapist based in mental health, mother, and host of the “what about the mama?” podcast. Karena’s work is design...View Details

In today's episode, HeHe is sitting down with Ben and Jess of The Balanced Birth Couple. Ben and Jess are passionate about childbirth education and br...View Details

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