Did you know that 98% of all feminine care products has at least 1 toxic ingredient? That's scary! Healthy products are my jam! I’m always looking out...View Details

Its ironic because Nubain isn't a pill at all--it's an IV narcotic! Do you know your pain relief options during labor? Like, really know them? There a...View Details

Erin Erenberg is the founder of Totum Women, a platform that encourages mothers to seek wholeness by setting boundaries and prioritizing themselves. I...View Details

One of the best ways to empower yourself is to dive in head first. Go searching for various birth stories, for various birth approaches, for various p...View Details

Today on The Birth Lounge Podcast, I am joined by Rebekkah Tran, mom of twins, to share about one of her twins’ journey with Plagiocephaly! Rebekkah i...View Details

Your baby’s positions matters so much when it comes to your labor and delivery. A baby that is engaged in the right position can lead to a shorter lab...View Details

Today’s episode is diving into postpartum pelvic floor! How’s that for alliteration?! Melissa Dessaulles, Founder of Mommy Berries, is joining me to s...View Details

It irks me to pieces when someone says, "birth trauma is totally normal." No, it's not. In this episode, I am breaking down exactly why perpetuating t...View Details

Olivia Chisolm is a dear friend of mine and joins me today to chat about inclusion (or lack there of) in women’s health. She is the Founder of To Live...View Details

Coronavirus has caused some definite headaches in 2020, but I would like to highlight a few positive changes that I’ve witnessed come about in the bir...View Details

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