THIS IS OUR 200TH EPISODE!! I can not believe that we have had 200 hang outs, 200 conversations about your rights and 200 times that you prioritized yourself and your birth so you can have a better birth! This is the way to a world that has no birth trauma and women are truly in control of their birth experiences again!


Exciting news in that The Birth Lounge doors are open! They are open September 5th-9th! You can join at


In this episode, I will teach you how to can respectfully navigate the conversations around your birth goals and have your preferences honored! We are going to talk about declining routine cervical exams, declining an IV and continuous fetal monitoring as a low risk laborer, advocating for pushing in any other position than on your back and how to decline an unnecessary induction that does not feel aligned with you. 


Links mentioned in the episode: 

Evidence-Based Induction Guide:

History of Lithotomy position:

Failure to Progress:

Inducing for Due Dates in *NOT* evidence based:


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