It irks me to pieces when someone says, "birth trauma is totally normal." No, it's not. In this episode, I am breaking down exactly why perpetuating the idea that birth trauma is normal is not only very dangerous, but also disregards mental health of new parents. I'm sharing my thoughts on a variety of traumatic birth situations and talking about nature's role in birth. Birth trauma is what you define it and everyone will define it differently. Providers and birth attendants can be traumatized by labor as well.I’m sharing about avoidable birth trauma, birth trauma caused by natural variations in labor (still something went wrong), and how to know they difference. Plus, I share helpful tips to navigating birth trauma and how to begin to move forward. Stop saying birth trauma is normal. You deserve better than that. Hugs to anyone out there who has experienced avoidable birth trauma. XO, HeHe

*There is mention of maternal and infant mortality 

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