Today’s episode is diving into postpartum pelvic floor! How’s that for alliteration?! Melissa Dessaulles, Founder of Mommy Berries, is joining me to share everything you need to know after having a baby. She is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who is breaking it down as to what you can expect after a baby passes through there, how to restore your body post baby, and what’s the goal for postpartum pelvic floors. We also dive deep into the conversation of kegels or no kegels? Melissa shares how sometimes, in labor, we see pelvic floors not be able to “turn of” (relax) enough to allow a baby to be born. She also shares how to identify if your own pelvic floor might be too tight or too loose! This episode will force you to stop and pay attention to your body! Take a deep breath and join us for the transformative conversation! 


Melissa Dessaulles:


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