Your baby’s positions matters so much when it comes to your labor and delivery. A baby that is engaged in the right position can lead to a shorter labor, less painful labor, less back labor, and reduce the risk of tearing. In this episode, I am breaking down the science as to why your baby’s position is so important. I am also going to dive into the complications we sometimes see happen if babies are not in the right position when labor begins. The impacts of medical pain relief (especially epidurals) is always a big concern during this part of the birth planning process— how will we know if it’s too early? Will it slow down birth? I’m sharing what you want to consider when it comes to medical pain relief and the position of your baby during labor. I spit out some research articles in the episode and you can find those linked below! 


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Epidural has potential to interfere:

Midwifery approach/ Restitution:

Position + Tearing:




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