Today on The Birth Lounge Podcast, I am joined by Rebekkah Tran, mom of twins, to share about one of her twins’ journey with Plagiocephaly! Rebekkah is sharing the first signs that she noticed, what her first action steps were, and what she has learned along the way of advocating for her child for a “silent” and “cosmetic” condition. There is ZERO education around this for parents before their baby is born and if you do find yourself needing support on the subject, Rebekkah explains how challenging that can be! It’s intentionally designed by nature that your baby’s head is not fused at birth! But, some babies can have variations of Plagiocephaly that causes their skull to fuse before birth which can lead to complications. At their pediatrician appointment, Rebekkah voiced her concerns and was essentially told to do some minimal impact exercises at home (stretching, being intentional with what side she placed toys, etc) and “wait it out.” After months of discussion with the pediatrician but to no avail and feeling unheard, Rebekkah jumped into research on her own. She was HORRIFIED and realized that time was of the essence. Rebekkah knew that if she was going to get her baby physical support for the growth and development of her head, she needed to act quick! This is an episode for EVERY expecting parent to be knowledgable about a preventable condition and how to properly support your child's physical development in the early months of life. 


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