Did you know that 98% of all feminine care products has at least 1 toxic ingredient? That's scary! Healthy products are my jam! I’m always looking out for things like fragrances and perfumes in products around my house. I’m a big fan of Thinx instead of traditional period products because of the bleach and parabens and hormone disruptors…We store our food in glass containers and use eco friendly detergent. So, it should be no surprise that you sexual health is important to me too! Especially in pregnancy & postpartum! Rebecca Alvarez Story earned her BA in Women’s Health & Sexuality from UC Berkeley and her MA in Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State and is the founder of The Bloomi. She is joining me to dive deep into what’s wrong with traditional sexual wellness products, how to spot harmful ingredients and false labeling, and what you need to know about long term effects of these issues in sexual wellness and women’s health! 


The Bloomi: https://thebloomi.com 


The Banned List: https://thebloomi.com/pages/the-banned-list


The Birth Lounge: www.thebirthlounge.com


Free Training: www.thebirthlounge.com/youridealbirth

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