Today, HeHe is joined by Ginny Parham, a Period Coach who help women with bed bound periods turn them into kick ass periods so they can live their lives to the fullest. She created the 90-Day Pain-Free Period Method that changed my life and I want to share it with you!! Ginny is going to break down the basic understanding of our menstrual cycle plus quick, simple switches you can do in your home to better support your hormones and having a healthier period. ! The fluctuations of your hormones each month will impact everything—your sleep, you mental clarity, your anxiety, your appetite, and your ovulation! We are diving into the length, color, odor, and flow of a typical period , plus how to know if your period is ‘normal.” Ginny is also going to share what we need to know about birth control and how this impacts our menstrual cycles (and our brains!) on a hormonal level. This is for anyone who has a period or knows someone with a period!  


Mentioned: EWG app (Clean 15 and dirty dozen)


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