Have you ever heard the term “obstetrical violence” and wondered what it meant? Or maybe you envisioned this blatant act of disrespect or an assault of sorts. These are both examples of obstetrical violence, but is another side to it, too. A sneaky side. Today’s episode is going to share a few instances of medical manipulation in the birth room that were silent and coy and draped in not-so-graceful wordsmithing from providers. I am sitting down with Tranquility by HeHe team member and doula, Caitlin LeBeau, to chat about the things we have witnessed in labor and delivery rooms across the nation. Some cases are blatantly  obvious and some cases are as covert as 007 himself. Note to listener: we do not give traumatic recounts of these instances. You need not be worried about hearing content that may cause trauma. Nonetheless, this episode is focused on obstetrical violence so listener discretion advised.


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