Today is all about inductions and how to know if you are a 'good candidate' for one. HeHe is diving into a tool that the women's health field uses to rate a a pregnant person’s cervix in order to determine their readiness for induction. The original Bishop score (Developed by Dr. Bishop, OBGYN in 1964)  is based on 5 criteria: dilation, effacement, station of baby, position of cervix, consistency of cervix. Since it's creation, there has been a simplified Bishop score that has come along and HeHe is going to share the differences. Interestingly enough, it is not a great tool for people who have had a baby before. It is a flawed tool, but it is the best we have at the moment.³ It does a pretty good job of indicating your body’s receptivity to a medical induction. This is definitely a tool to be aware of and to know your personal boundaries of what you consider a good number to induce your body. Remember consent is a discussion with your provider--make sure that is being done around the topic of induction especially. 

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