When Jaclyn Coy had her first daughter, she was opened up to the world of unmedicated labor. As she dove in, she navigated switching providers and exploring her options to have an unmedicated labor without the ‘hippie dippie’ aspect she had always envisioned being innately connected to unmedicated labor. Through her birth experiences and motherhood journey, Jaclyn created the Minimal Intervention Birth Method which inspired her to write the book, Because YOU are Superwoman. In her book, share shares the stories of 15 people plus her own to help you hear empowering stories of real life births by birthing people just like you—some births went according to plan and some didn’t, but all were positive experiences! 


Connect with Jaclyn:


Facebook/Instagram @StoriesbyJKCoy


Free chapter of Because YOU are Superwoman: https://mymomistheworst.com/2018/11/11/because-you-are-superwoman-chapter-one-freebie/


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