Dr. Nathan Riley, OBGYN and Palliative Care Physician who sees birth as a natural process rather than a disease process. He is dedicated to changing attitudes around birth along with the treatment of birthing women. As the host of OBGyno Wino, not only does he have on the most amazing guests, but he also breaks down the ACOG Bulletins in everyday terms so that we can all understand it! It’s great for anyone listening who is really into the hard numbers and wants to see the evidence themselves! Or any medical care providers!


Nathan and his podcast have given me so much inspiration. He isn’t afraid to talk about taboo topics in hopes of raising awareness that birth can be better! Much better! He is not afraid to question the status quo and call out bad care when he sees it! 


In today’s episode we are addressing how you can have respectful care in pregnancy and birth while engaging in shared-decision making with your provider. We are going to reset the way you think about prenatal and labor support!


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