Karena Skibinski, is an occupational therapist based in mental health, mother, and host of the “what about the mama?” podcast. Karena’s work is designed to inspire mamas to shift the focus from all about the baby to themselves (even if it’s just during the episodes), and to use self-care as a modality to rediscover their intuition. When it comes to motherhood, there's an overabundance of information, and Karena's mission is to empower mamas to not only educate themselves but to also trust their intuition as the guiding light on their motherhood journey. Through practicing self-care, mamas tap into their intuition, bringing more confidence, ease and enjoyment into their parenting. Karena strongly believes that self-care isn’t just facemasks and massages, especially as mamas; it’s also about setting boundaries and communicating your needs – although a massage is SO nice every once in a while! She enjoys trying new recipes, going on long walks, swimming, and lazy afternoons on the couch.

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