Krystle Howald DPT educates and empowers women to take hold of their physical health. She specializes in orthopedic and women's health- treating patients in her clinic Empower Movement Physical Therapy in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. She also owns Expecting and Empowered- a prenatal and postpartum business aimed at helping women navigate both periods with safe and effective workouts. E + E also disseminates as much free information as possible to help every single woman understand the pregnancy and postpartum process better. 

Krystle is the co-founder of Expecting and Empowered. After going through our first pregnancies (our first kiddos are 6 months apart) we realized that women were being told, "Just listen to your body and do whatever you were doing before pregnancy." This type of message wasn't going to cut it, and women deserve better.

Our DREAM was to use our professional expertise to help women thrive from their pregnancy journey through postpartum. We created a roadmap for each period - one that accounts for all the changes and modifications that need to come with each phase of motherhood. We know that mamas are short on time, so our guides are made with that in mind to help you exercise efficiently to feel your best!

We are mamas who are passionate about giving ALL women the knowledge and tools to empower them to feel confident in keeping their baby safe during pregnancy and to heal properly during recovery from a c-section or vaginal birth.

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