Today's guest, Dr. Nathan Riley, The Holistic Obgyn shares with us the birth story of his second child during the pandemic. Nathan shares with us his thoughts on holistic women’s healthcare and what that journey has looked like throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for his wife, Stephanie, and their family.

As a provider, Nathan's goal is to provide patient-centered, freedom-focused practices helping women find their healing signal through the noise. 

Nathan's Bio:

Hi, I’m Nathan, and I’m a recovering conventional doctor. I was in school for most of life, trained in two medical specialties, then looked back and found myself disillusioned with the conventional maternity care model. Now, instead of serving the medical industrial complex, I serve women and their partners in achieving vitality. I have done extensive study in holistic lifestyle medicine, and my practice is based on the midwifery model. I borrow from Eastern traditions like Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and I provide holistic support to healing and pregnancy long before I recommend surgery, hormonal contraception, or other pharmaceuticals.

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