Today’s episode is all about planning for the unexpected parts of postpartum! HeHe is joined by MaMa MD, Ariana Within, to dive into how to thrive (not just survive) in the weeks right after birth! Postpartum is often feels like one of the most isolating times in a parents life, so how can you feel empowered during such a challenging space in life? Shifting the perspective to how amazing postpartum women are is huge in this—we grew and birthed a baby and now are keeping that baby alone! Shifting the way you think about productivity, prioritizing needs, and asking for help can make an incredible difference, too! Ariana is here to share that you have control over how your postpartum period goes with the proper planning! We talk about the importance of community and communication plus how important it is to reign in the negative self-talk that can cause ‘comparisonitis!’ Join us for this honest conversation about what life after birth looks like! 


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