Let’s rewind the clock—and I means AGES— I want to talk about how we used to birth—before we moved it to hospitals. Lets go all the way back to how physiological birth is expected to work. Today, Katelyn Fusco, Host of Happy Homebirth Podcast, is going HeHe to chat about home birth and how birth has transformed over the years. Katelyn is sharing who is right for home birth and the top home birth myths. We are also diving into stickier topics like the business side of birth and how legislation can impact women’s health. We shine a spotlight on consent and continuity of care as well. If you are an expecting parent, this episode will challenge everything you thought you knew about birth. Buckle up, my friend, we are about to embark on a life-changing conversation! 



Dr brad bootstaylor —book: Shared decision making



Tina Cassidy— book: Birth, The Surprising History of How We are Born









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